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I grew up surrounded by water.  Every summer we would rent either a different house at the Jersey shore...or the same one, depending on if all the children behaved.  We lived on the beach listening to the crashing waves, collecting blue glass and shells.  Horse shoe crabs were big then, no sun tan lotion except Skol.  We burned, blistered and thrived riding the waves on our mattress.

Tine paints large.  Colorful paintings of beach scenes.  Boats, houses, people, dogs...or anything near water!  Her paintings are all different, happy and full of musical meaning.

Late in life I started painting.  I started with pastel portraits of children.  I went to different schools and local fairs and painted children on the spot...I loved it!  Painting dogs came later in my life.  I was not really a dog lover but, because of all of the wonderful dogs and owners in Nantucket, I began to love painting dogs, cats, horses - I felt their soul through their eyes.

Tine is well known for her dog portraits and has written several books with her commissioned dog creations and corny poetry.

Tine paints with brilliant, potent colors; brushed with strength and life.  The painted images are intended to dance and sway with rhythmic color and emotion in celebration of life as a joyous occasion.

Look at my work as you would listen to music.  Feel the colors, hear the sounds, move with the wind.  Sing out loud to celebrate life with me and you will understand why.  Rich with color, Tine's paintings express her joyous attitude towards life.

Painting is a fun and glorious experience for me.  I try to make it colorful, beautiful, full of feeling and emotion.  I hope that you see the joy and delight in my work.

The only statement an artist can really make about her work is the work itself.  My work is about life itself...with a touch of humor.


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